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President's Message

What value does being a part Rotary After Hours bring to you? 

You are our most valuable asset. Each one of you is here for your own reasons. You need to feel that your time and commitment to Rotary and our club is worthwhile. One of my goals this year is to gain a better understanding of why you are a part of the club, what we can do to meet your expectations and keep your ENGAGEMENT high so that you remain a lifelong Rotarian. If you are not a part of a committee, consider joining the one that best aligns with your interests. It's the quickest way to get involved and make an IMPACT. We have several exciting initiatives brewing to help keep you enjoying your membership and active in our activities (many of which were identified in March’s strategic planning session.) We know that when you are energized and engaged, you will invite others to join our efforts.
Bringing in new members is important and vital to sustaining our club. New members bring important benefits to the club, including diversity, fresh ideas, and new energy. And, new members allow us to have more hands on board to increase our IMPACT in our community and in the world. Who isn’t in favor of that?
August is Membership month in the Rotary world and you might be asking “What can we do to bring in more members?” We look to Morgan and Jennifer, our membership chairs to answer that, right? Maybe. We look to our membership committee? Possibly. But, this begs the question: “Who is on our membership committee?” Answer: “We all are.” Each and every one of us is an ambassador to our club and organization; sharing our story and recruiting new individuals to join in our efforts and experience the power of Rotary, is a responsibility of all members. I encourage you to REACH out to friends, family, business associates, and other community members by asking them to join an upcoming RAH event, whether it’s a meeting, service or social event. It’s easy to invite others as we ADAPT to our changing environment with our virtual option to join meetings.
In reflection, July was a month full of opportunity for us. We cautiously were able to partake in small group in-person service activities (Hixon & Dairy Giveaway) and had our first outdoor social (social-distance style) at the Logger’s game. Burt & BEEyonce did a BEEZ TV episode Live from the Beehives where we learned more about the new Rotary Area of Focus: The Environment and the fascinating life of honeybees. We have a joint project in the works with the Valley View Rotary Club, raising funds and providing backpacks for over 300 students in need, including 50 for The Good Fight kids. We got word that our District Grant for The Good Fight bus was approved and now have an additional $5,000 to support the project. We celebrated Amy Schmidt as our July Rotarian of the Month and we’ve welcomed two new members with a handful more interested in learning more about us!
Rotary offers endless opportunities. Give others the gift of Rotary and the opportunities it opens by inviting them to join us!
With gratitude,
Marissa Dickinson
Meet your 2020-21 District Governor
Meet your 2020-21 District 6250 Governor, our very own RAHtarian, Bill Pritchard!
For Bill Pritchard, his awareness of Rotary did not truly begin until after he had already been a Rotarian for several years. A district governor-elect asked for a cup of coffee meeting. During the meeting, Bill was asked how many District Conferences he had been to. Bill’s answer was none, which prompted this follow-up question: Why would you join an organization that you obviously care enough about to attend meetings with your busy schedule, but not care enough to give even one days-worth of investigation into the ways they serve and give back to their local communities? 
Bill did not have a good answer. So, he attended his first District Conference in 2010. And he became AWARE of the OPPORTUNITIES… 
That awareness quickly grew to involvement in the opportunities. Since 2010, Bill has held numerous club and district posts and responsibilities, starting with becoming a Youth Exchange Counselor in his club in 2010 (still active) and chairing the first Ethics Committee for District 6250 in 2011. He has served as the District 6250 Membership Chair, the District 6250 Youth Exchange Inbound Coordinator, and was President of the Rotary Club of La Crosse in 2014-2015. His worth at the district level expanded to the Zone and Multi-Zone levels, serving as Curriculum Director for the 19 districts of Central States Rotary Youth Exchange as well as the Assistant Rotary Zone Coordinator for Zone 28. 
It is well known that Rotarians do not get involved for accolades (or the pay), but Bill has been honored as Rotarian of the Year by both his Rotary Club (2012-2013) and District 6250 (2011-2012). He has been recognized for his efforts in the area of Membership (2016) and in assisting with the local area Interact Clubs (2016), and most recently was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Rotary Works Foundation (2015-2016).

When not involved in a Rotary project, Bill is the Branch and Portfolio Manager for Stifel Financial. When he can, he enjoys finding moments to chase small white golf balls around a golf club near his home in Holmen, Wisconsin or spending time on his boat on the Mississippi River. Bill is blessed with two wonderful daughters, hundreds of Youth Exchange Sons and Daughters around the world, and a wife who he adores.
We are proud to call Bill one of our own and look forward to supporting the incredible things he will accomplish for the district this year. 
July Rotarian of the Month
We recognize Amy Schmidt as our July Rotarian of the Month!
Amy joined our club in 2018 and quickly found herself in the secretarial line on our Board of Directors. She has been a great asset, providing organization and suggesting creative ideas. Amy spearheaded the winning pitch The Good Fight Community Center project at this spring’s Shark Tank meeting. She got other members involved with the project and led the process of writing a district grant to get matching funds.

Amy is present at many of our service and social events and we look forward to her work in strengthening our partnership with The Good Fight.
She received a “Rotarian of the Month” pin to wear in recognition of her extra efforts.
Congratulations and thank you for all you do for Rotary Amy!
Welcome Jennifer Luedtke
Please give a warm RAH welcome to one of our newest members, Jennifer Luedtke!
"Rotary is in my blood," said Jennifer. "I love the organization and what it stands for."
A recent transfer to RAH, Jennifer said the schedule of events better aligns with hers. She is very interested in the club's projects and looking forward to meeting more "awesome" people.
The Holmen native and UW-La Crosse grad works as a Human Resources Manager at Town n' Country Title. When not working, Jennifer loves to explore.
"Travel is my number one!" Jennifer said.
Whether internationally, around the country or just getting out in the outdoors around the area, Jennifer said she is almost always on the go with friends and family. She also enjoys sporting events, craft beer and making her voice heard.
From karaoke bars to the big stage, Jennifer isn't afraid of the singing spotlight. She said she's sung with bands across the country and has previously performed in front of a crowd of 1,000+ people!
Welcome Emily Loe
Please give a warm RAH welcome to one of our newest members, Emily Loe!
"I am so excited to join a group of like-minded professionals who want to use our talents and energy for the betterment of the community," said Emily. "I am hoping to make professional connections, make new friends, and most importantly make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve."
The Onalaska native is a MN State University, Mankato and a Marquette Law School grad. She is an attorney at Walny Legal Group, LLC.
Emily loves hiking in Hixon with her Mini Australian Shepherd, Reagan, working on home improvement projects around her 1941 house and making frequent trips to MN to see her family.
Grandad Bluff is her favorite place in the world, so much so that when she moved to La Crosse, she made sure to buy a house where she can see it out the front window every day!
Emily also enjoys yoga, cooking and looks forward to when the world is open to get back to traveling.
Hixon Recap
Our commitment to Hixon Forest lives on.
For the past few years we've spent several summer nights in Upper Hixon working on the trails, the butterfly garden and the prairie. In July, several of us had the opportunity to join Friends of the Blufflands on the Zoerb Prairie, clearing invasive species like buckthorn and honeysuckle so the native plants can thrive. "Restoring the prairie at Hixon was extremely gratifying. I am hopeful that our efforts contributed to a healthy prairie for many years to come, as it serves as home for natural grasses and wildflowers," reflects volunteer, Mariah Mueller. We were in the woods and got our hands dirty, and we left seeing the difference we made.
Special thanks to Katelyn Doyle for setting everything up and to all those who came and helped out. 
Christmas in July
Ho Ho Ho! Christmas came early for the 1900 cars that drove through Rotary Lights & Creamery Creek Holstein's Dairy Giveaway!
Each car received a 25 lb box contained 2 gallons of 2% milk, 2 pints Strawberry Milk, 2 pints Chocolate Milk, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese and French Onion Dip. After Hours volunteers joined other area Rotary & Rotary Lights volunteers to play Santa Clause to all those who came through. "It was a very hot day, but I had a great time working with fellow Rotarians and area partners to deliver some dairy goodness to people in need!" reflects Brandon Harris.

A message from Pat Stephens-
"Special thanks to each of you for helping make our "Christmas in July" dairy give-away such a success. We distributed just under 2,000 containers of fresh dairy products by 2:30 pm. What great work crews. Temperatures in the 90's and everyone hung in there to get the job done. We also collected $2,800 for theHunger Task Force.. Dollars they will certainly put to good use.
We live in a special community that always seems to answer the call because of good people like you. Who knows----we might do this again. 
With deep appreciation, 
Pat Stephens"
Backpack Project
Backpacks for Kids Project

We've teamed up with the Valley View Rotary Club to purchase school supplies and provide free backpacks for local families who need a little extra support. Together, our clubs will pack over 300 backpacks with the essentials; folders, notebooks, crayons, hand sanitizer, pencils, pens, highlighters, pencil cases and toothbrushes! 50 of our backpacks will go directly to the kids at The Good Fight.

Our club alone has raised over $1200 thanks to many of you! THANK YOU!!! If you haven't donated, there is still time if you'd like to. Any amount helps! The more money we raise, the more items we'll be able to provide in each backpack. Donate today at: and click "Buy a Backpack!"
Last week a few of us joined Valley View's packing event. Madeline Behringer was featured on WXOW twice! Check out the two videos in the following link. Special thanks to Dustin Luecke for helping make the story come together. 
Additional press on the collaborative effort:
As soon as the backpacks arrive, an email will go out with a date/time/location and anyone who would like to join in assembling the backpacks are welcome to come!  


Loggers Social
Take me out to the ballgame! 
July's social brought us to the Loggers baseball game! Rotarians, friends and family enjoyed all you can eat food and beverages while on our own deck that allowed us to social distance. The Loggers won in extra innings and mother nature gifted us with an awesome sunset over the river! "It was nice seeing our RAH members in person after months of our online socials," said Stef Kline.

We hope to continue to do smaller outdoor socials so that we can keep connected and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.
New Committee Vice-Chairs
Jennifer Luedtke & Emily Nolte accept RAH leadership positions!
We are happy to share that Jennifer Luedtke has accepted the Vice-Chair of the Membership Committee. She will work with Morgan Stittleburg, Chair and others on the committee. If you are interested in helping our club expand our reach by attracting new and engaging existing members, the Membership Committee is one to check out! React out to Morgan or Jennifer for more information. 
We are also excited to share that Emily Nolte has accepted the Vice-Chair of the Service Committee, working with Katelyn Doyle, Chair and others on the committee. If you are interested in identifying and/or organizing local service projects that address our communities needs, the Service Committee might be the place for you. Reach out to Katelyn or Emily for more information. 
Emily has also agreed to represent Rotary After Hours on the Leadership Series Committee. Thank you Emily!
If you are not a part of a committee, we encourage you to check out the various committees and align yourself with the one(s) you're most interested in or passionate about. Just like a job, it's important you enjoy what you're doing and the same goes for aligning yourself with one of your many committees. Joining a committee is a great way to build deeper friendships with club members while living out the Rotary Motto of "Service Above Self!" If you have any questions on what committees there are, please reach out to Marissa, any of the Committee Chairs/Vice-Chairs or any board members. We'd love to have a conversation and share more information.
After Hours Apparel Order
It's Rotary After Hours Apparel Time! 
If you are interested in ordering a RAH sweatshirt, t-shirt, women's tank top, men's or women's polo now's the time!
Please order directly through the following link:
The sweatshirt runs small but are super soft: 55% Cotton, 39% Polyester, 6% Rayon
T-shirts: 50% cotton Polyester, 25% Cotton, 25% Rayon
Navy polos: are embroidered and come in a women and men's cut
Orders should be placed no later than Sunday, August 9th. We will have Advertising Concepts close the order by August 10th.
Razia's Wheels of Hope Project Update August
The Rotary District 6250 Foundation awarded a grant in the amount of $14,500 for the Wheels of Hope a Bus for Zabuli Education Center project, bringing us to $29,314 of the $45,000 goal raised for Razia's bus.
After Hours is a major contributor of the area Rotary Club project. With our support, we are creating a life-changing opportunity for Afghan girls, young women, their communities and generations to come. Consider where would you be today if you hadn’t received an education? The ability to read, of itself, opens a world of opportunities. Can you imagine what life would be like without it?  The local Rotary Clubs' international project, Wheels of Hope, will provide safe transportation for girls attending the Zabuli Education Center in Afghanistan, so that can get an education and break the cycle of forced marriages.
If you'd like to make a donation to the project individually, you can support the girls' brighter future by giving at:
Razia Jan will be the featured speaker at Downtown's Club Meeting on Thursday, August 27th from 12-1pm. We encourage you to join and hear the compelling story from Razia herself. You will be even more proud of our club's support to help Razia keep her girl's safe getting to school in Afghanistan.
Leadership and Hope with Tom Thibodeau
Rotary in the Coulee Region's new Leadership Program will kick off on Thursday, August 13th at 7:00 am. 

Tom Thibodeau, Associate Professor and Distinguished Professor of Servant Leadership from Viterbo will be our speaker. Tom is a captivating, sought-after speaker. He describes himself as a husband, father, grandfather, teacher and active community member. He brings infectious enthusiasm, compassion and a true commitment to leadership & service in his message. Tom will share his thoughts on the essence of leadership and hope.

Registration is required to attend, guests must provide their email address. To register, click:

Those registered will receive an access link shortly before the August 13th event. We hope you will be able to attend. 

In service, the Rotary Leadership Series Committee:
Lee Rasch, Andrew Bakkum, Scott Butler, Stephanie Fraase, Mary Beth Hensel, Art Lyons, Emily Nolte 

MEMBERSHIP - August 1, 2020

Active Members: 60 (& 5 Honorary- Hi Joe Hammes!)

New Members: 1 

  • Welcome Emily Loe!

Rotarians Leaving Us: 0


August Challenge: Invite two friends, co-workers or acquaintances to join a RAH event to check it out! There may be an entire group of individuals in ourcommunities who would make great Rotarians… but could not find a comfortable way to join in person. Perhaps now is the time…

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