Ho Ho Ho! Christmas came early for the 1900 cars that drove through Rotary Lights & Creamery Creek Holstein's Dairy Giveaway!
Each car received a 25 lb box contained 2 gallons of 2% milk, 2 pints Strawberry Milk, 2 pints Chocolate Milk, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese and French Onion Dip. After Hours volunteers joined other area Rotary & Rotary Lights volunteers to play Santa Clause to all those who came through. "It was a very hot day, but I had a great time working with fellow Rotarians and area partners to deliver some dairy goodness to people in need!" reflects Brandon Harris.

A message from Pat Stephens-
"Special thanks to each of you for helping make our "Christmas in July" dairy give-away such a success. We distributed just under 2,000 containers of fresh dairy products by 2:30 pm. What great work crews. Temperatures in the 90's and everyone hung in there to get the job done. We also collected $2,800 for theHunger Task Force.. Dollars they will certainly put to good use.
We live in a special community that always seems to answer the call because of good people like you. Who knows----we might do this again. 
With deep appreciation, 
Pat Stephens"