Who doesn’t love the golden hour?

That time just before nightfall where the quiet of dusk is settling in and all is calm. Well, except for on the night of the Torchlight Parade. Hundreds of people lined up to march! Rotary After Hours took our place just behind a high school marching band. And RAH’s presence featured the amazing Ugly Sweater 5K float.
We had Buddy the Elf and his amazing Lady Elf. The Grinch, of course, was up to his ol’ mischief. Cindy Lou Who got to ride in a wagon pulled by Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Many Rotarians and Friends joined as well, wearing festive sweaters and lights. We were a sight to behold.
Thousands of people lined the route and there wasn’t any stopping. Whoever was setting the pace for the Torchlight Parade this year meant business! Children yelled with joy and shouted for candy. The crowds swelled on north side streets so that we could just squeeze through with the float and all the participants. It ended quickly as participants scattered into the night. This is parade marching. You’ve got to try it out!