Iiiittt's sHARk Tank Time!

Listen … yep, that sound, that DONATE TO THE ROTARY FOUNDATION ringtone. What a genius idea! Millions of Rotarian's phone rings will alert people to the opportunity and BOOM! The foundation raises more money than ever. You thought it was funny? Well, yes, Nick Ragner’s mad comedic talent shines, but you wait!

What a night for a return to in-person meeting! Madeline hooked it up. The La Crescent Event Center venue was great. Our sharks were on point. The meeting was amazing. When left shark shimmied Brandon down the aisle, shaking her dorsal fin, we knew it was going to be a fun meeting.
Every single project proposal had strong merit. Lifting people up, helping out our community; these projects had common values. All are actions to be excited about. Whichever pitch wins the cash, let’s keep all these ideas fresh in our minds.
Together, RAH has no limits on what we can do. Thank you to all who contributed to hosting an awesome evening. Stay tuned for the winner and be on the lookout to next month's cRAHnicle with a spotlight story on the winner of sHARk Tank 2021!