S’mores and RAH: Creating Hope in the World

Marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and a crackling fire! These ingredients will equip you to create an ooey-gooey, delicious S’mores to eat. RAH volunteered to staff the S’mores pit at Rotary Lights this season. Each of the two nights our members encountered hundreds of joyous people savoring the classic treat. It is satisfying when ingredients are combined to create happiness!
Ingredients are important in our club, too. Time, talent, treasure, and the fire in your belly! These elements equip us to create a vibrant presence for the Rotary Club we all know and love. RAH! Since RAH chartered in 2011 the club has enjoyed an awesome variety of members gaining valuable connections with one another and creating happiness.
In happiness, there is HOPE. As RAH members continue to put forth valuable ingredients, our work creates happiness in our cherished La Crosse community and beyond. Whether it’s providing S’mores, or pushing forward with projects, big and small, we are bringing it! The 2024-25 Rotary International theme describes what we are doing: Creating Hope in the World.