“I want my daughters to be educated. I wish for them to achieve all their goals in life.” – Nadir
Earlier this year, our club committed $5,000 and became a major sponsor of the "Wheels of Hope" project. The $45,000 has been raised in partnership with area Rotary Clubs, for the Razia Jan's Zabuli Education Center to purchase a bus for girls attending to be safely transported to and from school.
This story is from Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation newsletter. With our help, a life-changing opportunity is given to these Afghan girls, young women, their communities and generations to come. 
"Nadir and his wife are blessed with five daughters. Since his oldest daughter was born, Nadir has been his daughters' greatest advocate for a fair and rigorous education in a region of the world where there is little support for such ideals.  In the last sixteen years, Nadir has become arduously resilient to those who try to discourage him from educating his daughters. Unlike some fathers in Afghanistan, he believes in the power of education for girls and young women to create opportunities for a brighter future. 

Today, Nadir's five daughters all attend the Zabuli Education Center. Their schooling has led each daughter to set goals and ambitions that are only possible through education: Meena (age 16) aims to be a doctor, while her 14 years old sister, Mubashira, wishes to study engineering. Both Maimona (age 12) and Mashooda (age 7) love their teachers and aspire to be teachers one day themselves. And the youngest one, Mehria (age 6), is a budding artist who would love to be a painter someday."
Rotary opens opportunities. Rotary creates opportunities. Thank you for helping to give the opportunity of education to these young girls.