"The Most Interesting Men in the World"

Who, in Rotary After Hours, has been maced and tazed in Morocco, sold snickers and soda on a school bus, operated a Turret gun, and went viral with a real estate social media post? Well, the same person whose favorite movie is Forest Gump, of course! You had to be there.
Vocational presentations are always a highlight of club meetings, and Tuesday, March 14 th did not disappoint. We learned about a member who has achieved a dream job here in La Crosse as Evening Anchor of WXOW, the station he grew up watching. We were introduced to a real estate agent who flips houses in his free time. And we got to hear from a pastor whose previous life included visiting every single state while leading a drum corp.
When the evening concluded, we knew more about our great rotary club. There are awesome people making up the DNA of RAH, a club destined for continued success.