Posted by Dustin Luecke on Apr 03, 2020
UPDATE: RAH donates $5,000 to transportation project for Razia's Ray of Hope

Following a passionate presentation at RAH's first March meeting and input received from members, the RAH board voted to donate $5,000 from club funds to the school in Afghanistan run by Rotarian Razia Jan. In a newsletter late last month, Jan provided an update on the school amid the COVID-19 pandemic:

As many countries around the world grapple with the pandemic of novel coronavirus, so does Afghanistan. All public and private schools have been closed through April 3, and we expect that this date will be pushed out. Simply, Afghanistan is not equipped to deal with a pandemic. 
The impact of closing the Zabuli Education Center and The Razia Jan Institute is enormous. As you know, we are more than a school; we are a second home, a trusted source of daily meals and security. Here’s what we can do: 
1)    While we must close the schools, we continue to pay all staff their full salaries.
2)    We are exploring creative ways to support our students while they stay home - - academically as well as nutritionally. 
Obviously, we have to cancel all of our upcoming fundraising events for the coming season. But I am hoping you can help. Through a generous donation or sponsorship, we can maintain the trust of the community, keep our teachers, and continue to support our girls who will greatly suffer, not only from the school closure, but from the general lack of access to healthcare as well. 
Thank you for whatever you can do to help us during this period of unprecedented challenge. I wish you safety and good health, and will continue to send you updates on our beloved schools.

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