Spend Time with RAH's Youth Exchange Student - Mari Kiyose!

We have a remarkable youth exchange student this year from Japan - Mari! Mari has been with us since August and is currently with her last host family, Keith Lease and kids. She is embracing learning a new language, discovering another culture, and truly becoming a global citizen. It is said that the Youth Exchange experience changes each of these young people, for the better. It also changes us. We open our world to their culture and learn from them. Mari is with us through June when she'll head back to Japan. It's not too late to spend time with her. Don't miss out on the opportunity to develop a friendship. You neer know when you'll be over in Japan and need a little tour guide to help you get around!
She loves trying new foods/restaurants and is up for any adventure! Consider inviting Mari along to do something with you or your family. 
Reach out to Phil at 860-333-0220 if you'd like/be willing to coordinate a time. 
*Reminder background checks must be completed if you are with her 1:1