Perhaps breaking plates is something that happens when someone accidentally drops them. Or maybe, God forbid, somebody is angry and acting terribly! Or, in the case of the amazing RAH fellowship event at Soula’s Greek restaurant, people were following up a delicious 5-course meal with a tradition which brings good luck! Yep, a shot of Ouzo, a quick spin and DRRRROP. CRASH! Opa!! (Don't worry - they were from the $1 Store!)

What a night of delicious food and fellowship. Family style plates came intermittently through the evening. Salads of fresh cucumber, tomato, feta, olives and seasoning. Warm pita plates with several succulent sauces. Cheese trays with fried cheese and spanakopita. Entrée plates of gyro meat, sausage, flavorful beans, saucy shrimp and French fries. Baclava for dessert. Wine, beer, and friends! All this at one, super long table full of laughing Rotarians and friends getting to know one another better. The night flew by from such fun.
There was significant cleaning up to do afterward, but my oh my it was a blast of a night. Props go to Morgan for setting up the fabulous night. And cheers to Greg and all the Soula’s family who welcomed RAH with open arms and a full table.