Posted by Aaron Miller on Feb 28, 2020
RAH stepped-up to serve with members dedicating their Saturday morning to helping supply those in need with essentials.

RAHtarians met in the WAFER food pantry warehouse on Saturday morning, February 22nd. A long line of pallets stretched from one end of the warehouse to the other. Each pallet held its own variety of food stuffs. Volunteers were instructed to stand one person on each side of every pallet. They paired off and got ready.

When 10 a.m. hit the people started pouring in. Some held bags or boxes, others pushed shopping carts. Folks were sent down each side of the lineup of pallets. It was like a buffet accessible from both sides. Volunteers handed out the goods. From Cocoa Pebbles to Spam and even Hershey’s Gold candy bars. There was oatmeal and apple juice, milk and corn; Frozen burger patties, chicken breasts, and rice. One gentleman making his way through the line came upon the pallet of Chow Mein noodles and paused to softly express: “My mother used to make a great recipe with these when I was a kid,” as he placed them gently into his bag.

The WAFER service event was a wonderful opportunity to serve. It was an assembly line of community. Thank you to all who participated.