What happens when 12 Rotarians representing the area Rotary Clubs come together looking to do a $250,000 project that will benefit our community? A super cool collaborative initiative with St. Clare Health Mission that will bring medical service ON WHEELS, to the under and un-insured populations in the Coulee Region.

When we talk about the underserved we are referencing the economically deprived, the homeless, and an immigrant population that merit our help. The addition of the mobile clinic will deliver health care services to many who simply cannot make their way to the land based facility of St. Clare Health Mission in La Crosse.

It is conservatively estimated that the case load of St. Clare will more than double with the use of the Rotary Mobile Clinic. It seems to be more than timely that this facility will come on line when the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine to every area and every element of the population needs to be addressed.
The project is estimated to cost between $230-$240,000. A Rotary focus group, comprised of representatives from the nine area Rotary Clubs, has set a fundraising goal of $80,000; a community goal and a Rotary Clubs goal, each in the amount of $40,000. If we can raise $80,000 locally, we can apply for a Global Grant and the Rotary District 6250 Foundation and the Rotary International Foundation will provide the balance of over $150,000.

We hope that you will consider an investment in this project. You may want to make a contribution now or you may prefer to make a pledge commitment that will to be fulfilled with the actual contribution by 15 March 2021. In either case, your commitment will allow us to begin the process of purchasing and outfitting the Rotary Mobile Clinic. This mobile clinic will impact the lives of many people this year and every year going forward. 
Individuals can donate through the local Rotary Works Foundation with a note that mentions the Mobile Clinic: 
Rotary Works Foundation- La Crosse
For more info on St. Clare Health Mission visit: http://stclarehealthmission.org/
Any consideration you might give this will be appreciated and know that if you’d want a personal conversation to answer any questions you might have... we are available. 
Bill Pritchard, Josh Mansee, Lisa Kobs and Marissa Dickinson
Focus Group Members