Greetings Friends!

Please know how awesome you all are and I again share that you brighten my life each moment I get to share with you. There have been many people the past couple of weeks in my church and in the community that have mentioned Rotary After-Hours for different reasons, but all a true compliment. We are reaching many people in this community as we strive to Create HOPE in the world. It is my HOPE also that these people can lead to bringing in new bright shining smiles to our club.
Thank you to those who have taken the time to donate diapers to The Parenting Place. Doing so has assisted young families financially and made fresher the soft bottom of a baby. Please also think about joining a team to pitch a project for Shark Tank, or maybe bring one of your own. The evening of Shark Tank promises to be a fun gathering of like-minded people.
We are quickly approaching our membership month of March. This is a very exciting time in the life of Rotary After-Hours. Neil has been hard at work and thank you to all those that have volunteered to help him out on the committee. Membership month holds a large impact on the life of the RAH because it is about people. It is about connections. It is about having fun with all the wonderful people who are members of this incredible club, but it goes much further. Membership month creates a larger connection to the community.
It has been shown that over 90% of people join an organization due to personal invitation. A personal invitation is a one-on-one personal encounter. For that reason, please take a moment and invite someone that you know that have the gifts to better Rotary After-Hours. Truth be told, if you invite five people, it will be a success if one of them follows through. So please, please, take the opportunity to invite. 
We had two great people speak on the Rotary Foundation in the past few months, Sierra Lyon our club's Foundation Chair and the District chair, Erin Luken. They shared the positive impact donations to the Rotary Foundation have on the world. Please make any gift possible to this cause if you are able. Just $10/month will go a long way! Donations to the Foundation lead to RAH's ability to receive grants and make an even greater impact than if we did it alone. You would also be touching people across the world.
One final note- RAH's Strategic Planning event is on February 20th. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard about the future direction of the club. The evening is also a fun opportunity to learn much about who RAH is and what RAH does to CREATE HOPE in the WORLD.
Thank you for all you do! You are all a blessing to this community.