What can you buy for $3?... Not much! But you can spare a child from paralysis or death and help vaccinate them against Polio! 

RotaryAfter Hours and Rotarians from area Rotary Clubs joined in for our 3rd Annual Pints for Polio Virtual Style
Pearl Street Brewery beer nerd, Marty led us on a virtual (and live in person!) tour of Pearl Street Brewery. We sampled PSB beers and Seltzer from our 6 packs, played some Beer Trivia with James and had fun virtually and with those joining in person at the Tasting Room. 
With our proceeds and donations, $500 was raised to go towards our Polio Plus goal! 1500 children in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be vaccinated against the permanently crippling and potentially deadly virus. Thank you to all who attended and supported! We are "this close" to eradicating Polio thanks to your help! 
Many thank to Stefanie Kline and James Murray for all the time and creativity you put into RAH's Pints for Polio! 
Join us next year!