We recognized six of our members for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation with Paul Harris Fellows.

We move closer to a world of peace and good with their gifts of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation. This Rotary year, our Foundation has awarded over 1,900 global grants totaling $140 million. There is no gift too small. $10 buys a mosquito net to prevent malaria; $3 allows another child to get immunized against Polio.
Your support makes Doing Good in the World possible.
Friends in the club shared more about these giving individuals-
Brian Richardson, PHF
“The first thing I noticed about Brian when he joined Rotary was how shy and quiet he was. I was impressed that he jumped in and got involved even if it may have been out of his comfort zone. We are grateful to Brian for his service on the club Foundation committee and Rotary Works Foundation board. He may be quiet but Brian is one of the most smart, caring, loyal and generous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet – the character traits of a true Rotarian. I will forever be grateful to Rotary After Hours for introducing me to such a special person, someone who has changed my life for the better in every way.”
Madeline Behringer, PHF
“Madelyn is a bright and energetic member of our club and always makes things more fun. From her insight on the RAH board, to hooking the club up with a venue for gatherings, to donning a ridiculous shark costume with almost no questions, Madeline has helped open a lot of doors for our club to continue to build goodwill and better friendships. She helped raise hundreds of dollars for the back-to-school supplies and has helped plan numerous other events for RAH.  She is a shining star in our club.”
Nathan Crowder, PHF +1
“On the five-way test, among the things we ask ourselves with everything we do, is whether it will build goodwill and better friendships. On this attribute, in particular, Nathan shines with his contributions and camaraderie. Through meetings, volunteer opportunities, and club socials, he invests in new and existing friendships in a way that makes a lasting impact on our members. Nathan has selflessly put time, talent, and treasure into Rotary, and now he’s taking the reins as treasurer. His enthusiasm and dedication are a great asset to our club.”
Liz Evans, PHF +1
“Liz Evans always goes above and beyond. She is a very giving individual, and Rotary After Hours has certainly benefitted from her dedication and hard work. Liz is very willing to step up and take charge on projects big or small; without her there is a good chance that we would still be trying to sort out the budget for the club. Her commitment, character and giving nature have been huge assets to the club, and we are very lucky to have her as a member!
Brady Lowe, PHF +1
"Brady helped shape the culture and energy of RAH from its first days as a Chartering member. His positive attitude and dedication to our club has helped us grow time and time again. Brady truly is a Rotarian at heart. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help with service projects, volunteering, helping plan meetings and socials and attend events. I’m so very grateful that Rotary allowed me to meet such a wonderful person who has become a best friend.”
Laura Lee, PHF +5
“Laura—the YES girl! She does it all! There is not enough time in the day to tell enough about the good things Laura has done for club and district. As a new member she was a welcoming face who you knew would help you and direct you in the right direction.” Another Rotarian agrees, saying “She was the first person to say hi to me and make me feel welcome. Laura is an asset to the club and exemplifies several core Rotary values in her personal and professional life... integrity, compassion, building relationships, honesty, service above self and being a leader. We need more Laura's in the world! We are so lucky she is a member of our club, a good friend and someone who will continue to do great things in life."
Congratulations to these six individuals and thank you for your commitment to the programs of The Rotary Foundation.