It’s all about connection for new RAH member Alicia Smithburg!


Working as an Assistant City Clerk for the City of La Crosse, Alicia said her reason for joining Rotary After Hours is “to serve the world around me and build a deeper connection with my community.”

She works to build connections in her free time as well.

Hailing from Fairfield, IA, the UW-Stout alumna said she enjoys spending time with her kitty, Apollo, as well as her family in Tomah. Alicia said reading, sewing, and drinking wine help her regularly connect with her interests. She also strives to connect with friends for game nights at least once a month and participates in target shooting with the La Crosse Rifle Club.

Alicia admits, she hasn’t always hit the mark. She said that for her entire childhood, she thought the popular Bon Jovi song was “Living on a Prairie” instead of “Living on a Prayer”.

By reading this, you’re now halfway there to getting to know Alicia. Please introduce yourself and connect with her at the next RAH meeting or event!