The Mobile Medical Clinic is a Giant Step Closer to Hitting the Streets!

Thank you to all who have donated or pledged to our Rotary Mobile Clinic. 
Here is the update of the project.....
We have found International Rotary Clubs in the Netherlands and Germany to partner with and help financially support the Mobile Clinic. This was the final piece to the puzzle and a requirement for a global grant. The final draft of the Mobile Clinic application has been completed and submitted to Rotary International for their review and (hopefully!) approval! The mobile clinic has been ordered and Rotarians from the committee got to help pick out the interior finishes. It will take 7-8 months more to build and get it delivered.
This is very exciting! We hope to see the mobile clinic rolling down the road to serve those who don't have access to healthcare real soon!
On behalf of the RAHtarians on the committee, we want to thank everyone for their investment in this project! 
Bill, Josh, Lisa & Marissa