To All Rotarians,
Thank you to all who have donated or pledged to our Rotary Mobile Clinic. If you haven't done so and want to be a part of this exciting and transformative project for St. Clare's Health mission, there is still time to donate.
Here is the update of the project.....
We launched the fundraising for the Rotary Mobile Clinic about two months ago. Our initial goal was to raise $80,000 and divided that into two parts, a community outreach and a Rotary clubs commitment, each in the amount of $40,000. That goal seemed ambitious but, in our optimism, deemed doable, because after all, when Rotarians come together, we get er' done! In very short order the community goal was achieved with significant major donors from our community stepping forward with pledge commitments. The Rotary involvement meant that the approximately 500 members of the eight clubs involved would, on a pro-rata basis need to contribute $80. That means that our club with 61 members set a goal of $4,800. To date we have pledges from 14 of our members, in excess of our club goal at $7,000!!!  
While we have met our club goal we do not want to close the door to those who want to be a part of the Rotary Mobile Clinic and will accept donations made through the Rotary Works Foundation. We want as many Rotarians who see the mobile clinic driving down the road to serve those less fortunate, to feel they had a part in making it happen. Every dollar raised will go to benefit the Mobile Clinic.
If you do wish to donate, please do so before the end of the month We will present a close out report to the club at a future meeting.
On behalf of the committee, we want to thank everyone for their investment in this project! Simply Amazing!
Bill, Josh, Lisa & Marissa