After an exhilarating presentation at our last club meeting by Josh Mansee on proposed Bylaw changes, we jumped into one of our club’s favorite meeting formats - member vocational presentations.

Vocationals offer a chance to learn more about RAH members personally and professionally – and are always entertaining in their own way.
Below are some highlights. Did you know the interesting facts below about your fellow RAHtarians?
Morgan Stittleburg – Loan Officer, Co-Op Credit Union
  • Favorite outfits: spandex, camo
  • Favorite cold-season beverage: peanut butter whiskey hot chocolate
  • Originally from Black River Falls, WI and has 2 twin brothers
  • Applies the 4-Way Test (plus Fun) to her work, including dropping “truth bombs” and reading books to kids
  • Played volleyball at Augustana College (IL)
  • Loves all things active and outdoors – hunting, fishing, hiking, live music, weightlifting, traveling (after extensive monitoring for cheap Google Flights)
  • Member of sorority that included one male (ask her for details)
  • Recent realization: likes gardening, but needs to get better at weeding
  • Memorable presentation quote: “I air fry anything I can these days…if you’re on the fence, get one. We can share recipes and ideas.”
Liz Evans – Community Impact Director, Great Rivers United Way
  • Known for “sassy” cross-stitches (hit her up for a samples too (borderline) inappropriate to share in this article)
  • Could easily become a hermit with her pup – Trixie
  • Originally from Sparta, but moved a lot (OK, IL, VA)
  • Lives in the same house she grew up in (with a living room full of (hilarious) cow pictures)
  • Work motto (credit: Josh Mansee?): “Grants big and small, Liz is an expert through it all”
  • Her job includes coordinating the Compass Community Needs Assessment, helping non-profits with networking, education, and grant administration (she manages a BIG checkbook)
  • Childhood dream job: Astronaut (until discovering Astronauts need “too many shots”)
  • Spent early career as a server, and in the “lucrative” job of Video Rental Clerk
  • Memorable presentation quote: “Being a mom is the best job in the world.”
  • Enjoys fishing (especially on her kayak), camping, gardening (in her 3 gardens), adventures with her dog, hunting
  • One of her favorite hobbies (and superpower) is napping (especially in her deer stand)
Katelyn Doyle, Attorney, Johns, Flaherty & Collins
  • Originally from La Crosse area, growing up on a hobby farm in Onalaska (we assume there are not many hobby farms in Onalaska)
  • Has early roots in Rotary, including memories of fruit baskets every Christmas and even performing a dance for Downtown Club with her sister
  • Her Mom told her to join the “cool club”, so she joined our club (obviously a good choice)
  • First ever RAH meeting – watched Keith strip down to his spandex and take off on bike (we’re all surprised she came back after that)
  • Loves animals, especially her dog Matilda (will take 4-legged friends over 2-legged any day)
  • Fluent in French (at least “un peu”)
  • Memorable presentation quote: “Rotary opens doors to new opportunities” (after all, that’s how she met Justin)
  • Makes bakeoff quality cakes