324 Days. 10 Months and 20 days. 46 weeks and 2 days. 7,776 hours. 466,560 minutes. 27,993,600 seconds.

No, this isn’t some long lost verse to a Rent song. This is the time we got the privilege of hosting our student, Ida Kloppenborg. Traveling to us from District 1470 in Denmark, we got to know Ida throughout her entire Rotary Exchange Year. We learned that she is a tennis titan, a ski slope superstar, and a soccer stand-out. But we got the privilege of learning about Ida and Denmark, while also teaching Ida about the United States and helping her grow into the wonderful young person that is returning home to Denmark.

A year sounds like such a long time but time flies when you’re having fun! Even though it was a short 324 days with Ida, we hope that these memories, friendships, and experiences will continue on with her in the future; wherever that might lead. 

Don't miss your final opportunity to say goodbye to Ida, before she departs back home for Denmark. Following Riverfest fencing on Monday, July 1 (around 6:30/7pm), we'll gather at The Crow with Ida and her parents for food and drinks and maybe a couple tears or two!