Posted on Mar 01, 2023

An Opportunity to Sprinkle a Little Coulee Region Magic on a Past Rotary Inbound Student

For those that don't know me, my name is Bill Pritchard. I am a member of the La Crosse After-Hours Club, former member and past club president of the La Crosse Club, and your former District Governor during the 2020-2021 year.  My current role finds me taking the chairship of the Rotary Youth Exchange committee starting in July.
I was contacted by PDG Edwin Bos with a request - a small prayer actually. Without going into too much background, you may remember that Governor Edwin told stories about the girl from Nepal - Isha Paudel. Long story short... a number of us have been helping Isha to attend college in the United States (Platteville). This coming summer, we have arranged for an internship for Isha at Trane Technologies from mid-May to mid-August. PDG Edwin and I are wondering if any of the Coulee Region Rotarians might have a place for her to stay during this time. We are looking for "inexpensive" lodging... I was thinking of it as a youth exchange hosting opportunity! She has been talking about getting an old junker car and driving back and forth... but as a new driver that makes us a bit nervous... plus the additional expenses of upkeep, etc... :-)
If you or someone in your club is interested and willing to be Isha's angel for all or part of her internship, please have them reach out to me at this email address ( or call me on the cell number (608-780-2637).  More than one person/family could be a good fit as well and split the time.
Isha is a remarkable young woman who has truly changed the world with her dedication. Consider that this young lady... went from hiding in a car to meet Americans in Katmandu... to learning English... to going on a special exchange to the United States (in our District)... to being accepted into an American University. It is truly remarkable, and just one example of the incredible power of Rotary and specifically its Youth Exchange Program. These young people - both inbound like Isha and our sons/daughters/grandchildren who go abroad to study - quite simply change the world and our lives.